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Many years of practical experience within  Industrial(OT) Cyber security. Instrumentation, Automation, IT. This gurantees solutions that are fit for purpose.

via SMV:Digital it is possible to get your costs covered, basically free Industrial Cyber security consultancy work for your business. contact ICSecurity for more information about this!! 

Threat Modelling

ICSecurity follow a Simple practical 1-2-3 model to do Threat modeling in industrial systems.

this gurantees that you will quickly have identified your most valuable systems, possible threat & attack vectors and what type of defence mechanisms your organization should focus on.

ICSecurity does not follow the mainstream.. "buy this box and you are secure..." message that many other Cyber Security companies like to spread.

ICSecurity believes in the

"80% is people, 20% is technology" approach to Cyber security within Industrial Systems.


Industrial Cyber security awareness training, tailored to the customers maturity level.

The Training can be conducted at Our Facilities or at the Customers own Location.

what people are saying......

“It was a really good Training course for me 😊”

Telecom Engineer
Oil and gas company


“It was a super good Training course you held, really very good contents, we covered a lot. And yes it would have been cool to dig deeper into some of the topics, but it's perfect, now we are set up for part 2😉”

Senior Integrated Operations specialist
Oil and Gas Company


secure by design Industrial Cyber security  solutions, some developed in-house*.

*Secure Remote Access


*Portable Media Scanning Station


L2 Hardware Encryption devices


some in-house solutions in the pipeline

stay tuned

some pictures from past Ops.

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