@ ICSecurity we try to challenge the status Quo by developing secure by design OT security products fit for use in ICS systems.

Currently we have a number of devices being developed.

Contact ICSecurity if you want a demo!

"Portable Media Scanning Station"

many operators of ICS systems still rely on portable media for moving files to and from their ICS systems.

to avoid the risk of getting malware into these systems the "Portable Media Scanning Station" provides advanced malware scanning and cleaning to make sure that your ICS keeps running without malware . 


provides a button that if pressed initiates isolation of the ICS systems from the rest of the organization.

A last ditch barrier when SHTF.

Typically initiating Island mode requires people running around pulling out cables.

the "Instant ISLAND MODE" solves this issue.

If in doubt there is no doubt PUSH THE BUTTON!

"Remote Access Device" ( URAI )

provides secure time limited remote access to the ICS Engineering station.

it also informs the Control Room operator when remote access is enabled.

currently a couple of working prototypes have been produced.

getting ready for "mass production" :)


This Device connects to the OWS(operator Workstation) of a critical ICS system, and enables extremely secure Read Only view of the HMI. it has a built in unidirectional gateway(Datadiode) accepts DVI/HDMI(optional VGA) input 

and broadcasts(UDP) a video stream at 30FpS,HD on the output 1Gbps Ethernet Interface(optional Fiber optic)

this is a zero config, purpose built secure by design security product , it follows the OT Security doctrin of least functionality(whitelist) approach.

Picture will be added soon